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IP Surveillance Systems for your Home

IP Surveillance Systems for your Home

  1. Price

Price plays a big factor in deciding to choose an IP camera. This is largely because of competitively priced, high-definition IP cameras. Also the maintenance costs required to support long term use are minimal if anything at all.

  1. DIY Set up

Our manufacturers have recently promoted features like universal plug-and-play camera recognition to make installations as simple as possible. A single IP camera can be set up simply in ten minutes without the need for any tech savvy. When our manufacturers design new IP cameras, ease of installation is a primary feature.

  1. Always be able to check in while away

Our Customers can access a live view of their IP security cameras when they're away from their home or business. After all, people lead busy lives, come in and out of work, go on holidays, and school runs etc. So investing in a remote video surveillance system is crucial to the well-being and safety of your home. Because most of the time you're not actually able to be onsite where your cameras are installed.

  1. Higher image and footage resolution than normal CCTV

 IP cameras are digitally streamed, scanning progressively to optimise camera images- allowing up to and above 25% more resolution and clarity than    CCTV cameras with similar imagers. IP megapixel cameras, deliver high resolution footage with at least 30 frames. Ensuring excellent quality imagery no matter where you are.

  1. View your property live from anywhere in the World

Remote security camera monitoring and mobile surveillance do not require you to be "on location" in order to view and manage each of your security cameras. You're not limited to monitoring just one camera remotely. Our Video surveillance apps provide simultaneous viewing and multi-site options so you can check up on all of your remote security cameras in your business or home

This ability to monitor is great to have when you're on holidays or travelling. If you've got two or three IP cameras installed at your home, and decide to take a trip somewhere, you can still monitor your property.  Most of our security cameras have built in intelligent motion detection which notices when unusual activity is occurring on your property. When this occurs it will send you a message notifying you of the incident. Amazing isn’t it!

  1. Two way Audio features

To add to the above feature most models come with a two way microphone and speaker system. So let’s just say you’re on a sun lounger soaking up the rays somewhere abroad and you get an alert message from one of your cameras. Well just tap the app on your smartphone and view the live footage at your property. If there is any unwanted visitors you can press the microphone icon on the app which will allow you to be heard from the cameras speaker even though you are in a different country. You could tell any would be intruders that they are trespassing and the Guards are on the way. This would be enough to make even the boldest criminals make a fast and frightened exit!

  1. Higher resolution and longer range of Vision

HD resolution is quickly become the standard in IP cameras, with most featuring 720p or 1080p resolution. With HD cameras you can monitor a larger area with fewer cameras because the video is wider, and you can see details more clearly than with a standard camera. Also the IR features on some models turn night into day allowing clear footage even when filming in darkness.

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