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What are IP security cameras?

What are IP security cameras?

IP security cameras

The difference between IP cameras and standard CCTV Systems


Video surveillance surrounds us all today, from home security installations to huge business and civil implementations. While the migration from Analogue to IP has been on the rise for several years. Some are still hesitant to switch to an IP-based video surveillance system. Using HD cameras, IP-based systems brings to the market a myriad of features that were unattainable with standard cabled CCTV.

IP camera security systems are a relatively new product that some people haven’t encountered or maybe don’t know about the benefits of installing them.  These prevailing innovations can allow you to stream the cameras footage wirelessly over the internet to your smart phone, tablet or PC no matter where you are.

We live in an age of rapid improvements and advances in technology. As we all look around, we see new technology and innovative gadgets come to the market each year. Some are fleeting trends or fads while some stick around and become part of everyday life. The IP surveillance camera is here to stay! Their phenomenal growth over the past two years combined with the demand for user friendly easy to install and operate home security systems makes the ordinary and expensive to install CCTV systems of old obsolete.

Anyone can install IP cameras themselves and can have their home security system up and running within minutes with some models.

Another major difference between IP cameras and normal recorded CCTV is that you can view the footage live. What's the point in watching burglars invade your property after the crime has been committed? IP cameras can notify you of activity at your property, you can view what's happening and then notify the relevant authorities yourself before a break in even occurs.

You can also operate the security cameras functions from your phone with many models allowing you to zoom in or out and span the area conveniently from your smart phone. No longer is there a need for extensive paid monitoring of your premises by security companies when you can fit an IP camera for a fraction of the price.

Personally protect your home and buy IP security cameras for home or business today!